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Poster: dark.starz Date: Oct 16, 2011 1:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Can you tell the difference between FLAC and mp3 on a blind test?

Capturing 100% of all available information at the microphones or soundboard output to the tape head (or todays technology, the hard drive) is critical to lifelike musicality on playback. You can always process the signal, but cannot recover any loss of information from the source down the signal chain from storage technology to playback system. Therefore the source is paramount.

That being said, when you transfer a recording the potential for signal loss and degradation becomes exponential consistent with the number of transfers and the storage technology.

It's been common knowledge for years that higher digital bit and sampling rates yield greater transparency and resolution on playback of the original recording.

In terms of the level of audibility and improved musicality when comparing mp-3 to lossless a linear playback system now becomes paramount in terms of the amount of increased resolution.

I-pods and PC speakers are mostly noise, the cheap little internal amplifiers, speaker elements and the seriously degraded digital to analog converters driven from the headphone output seriously compromise the music.

Now, if you want to up the performance a bit, take the USB output of your PC or from an I-pod docking station and feed the signal to a dedicated outboard digital to analog converter. The improvement in musical resolution and transparency is significant.

You now have the option of using either a dedicated high-quality headphone amplifier and headphones, high-quality desktop active speakers or most preferably, a high-end music system.

The better the source and the better the playback system the closer to the music you'll arrive. I’d sell my car in a heartbeat if it was practical and necessary to afford any number of high-end music system solutions. Great enjoyment, low maintenance, and it terms of the high-end analog playback equipment, a much longer life cycle when compared to the continual industry storage technology obsolescence, if you catch the drift!

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Poster: Skobud Date: Oct 17, 2011 5:23am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Can you tell the difference between FLAC and mp3 on a blind test?

Nonsense. 100% cut and paste. Its obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.